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Hello you and Sunday!

It has been a while since my very last post. however, I would like to congratulate Yahoo for their new logo, yay it was updated few days ago, have you noticed? they finally address the new logo, finally from all these 18 years, salute! you may want to check here on Marissa’s tumblr about it further. 

okay, being back on the blog which i am not sure doing it routinely has put me back in the menu for ‘what i want to do during my leisure time’. currently i am in the middle of final exams now for functional subjects, which by next month i should already choose which subject area to focus for my master thesis, oh bummer! school has been tight until now, until i was surprisingly being revealed by a psychologist after reading my psychotest. some of the results were just out of hand and some appeared from a blind spot haha. well good to know that i am no psycho bitch :p

oh well, beside the fuss, i would like to share pictures about this miniature of a drawing desk. it’s too cute just to look at it! all handcrafted using board yo, enjoy. p.s. found it on



It’s better to not know things sometimes. Better left unknown

I miss working, I miss being busy and regularly paid for what I do.

But I’m not there yet, I will get there eventually, thus nothing to feel obsessed, well a little.

Is there any chance we get a tangled up kind of feeling in happy circumstances? I think I feel I am there when I certainly feel I am not at the moment. Odd? Yes.

So, there is a story about today, I was suppose to be happy at a point, but I am still feeling the same. the rest will be told


three birds

a hiatus is no good after all

It has been a very long time since my last post. I must say it’s a total bitch to leave all the photos and writing posts which I really enjoyed it when I was in my studies. However, I am back in my studies again now and it has been a month already, but the major I’m taking is nothing like I had in mind, none is architecture, design or fashion, it’s Management haha! I have been routinely waking up in the morning now to seek some knowledge which I started off bumpy, well let’s pray I fall into the right place, so dreams; my dreams can come true and may opportunities rise within you all *lame but true :p

Happy Tuesday and have a good night




Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi after receiving her honorary degree at Oxford University. She studfied and lived in Oxford before returning to Burma Photograph: Andrew Winning/Reuters

sunday, bye day

bandung - jakarta (never looking forward to go back :p )

Visited my first project at my first job to Tempo Scan Tower and was moved to tears that these walls are actually assembled from the dead-non talking drawings. from nothing to something in it (in a process), you may find the photos above show the before and after the walls are mounted ;) This made my day so much, seeing my old boss, my ex workmate and most importantly seeing this floor is being constructed, feeling of greatness occurs. Well, there was a long face moment like for some secs, that I am no longer stand in the same team, but it’s a lesson to be learned where people call loyalty. I worked for only 3 months at my previous yet first job, and then quit. However, my aunt said “you must put your heart in” your job and you will realize that time flies so fast that you don’t recognize arround you is moving.

That’s all now, again the visit to TST made me smiling along the way going home. haha. thank you pak ayi and emma :)

heard michael jackson’s twice

history watch

This weekend which is June the ninth, Bonks and I have an appetite for museum watching. The destination was Museum Nasional Indonesia, and yes, we felt like a kid, going through the objects which some are observed carefully and some are just for the photos HAHA, and the rest was just FUN. The historic building has not change (the last time I took a visit was in 2003), well apart that there’s a building beside it for its expansion, which I assume it may have been operated for years now, but other than that, none. The building remains its elegance through the vertical classic columns, high ceiling plan, gigantic windows and the beauty of the colour white that mentions Museum Nasional Indonesia as one of the places in Jakarta need to be seen.

For hours our eyes were fed and entertained by objects that were selling stories, where I was interested in jeweleries and Bonks is enjoying everything, well except jewelery section.

The extension building beside it on the east.

Inner court is spread everywhere by prasasti and statues.

inside the display area

A photo Bonks requested to be taken, offering a cigarette.

A street artist and his watercolor.

Bonks has place to become one of ‘them’, good for you.

Inner plaza between the Old building and its expansion.


Leaving for lunch

june thirty bismillah.

this is sav-sav-savvy

tiling #1


Gourmet Gaming

A Tumblr blog devoted to recipes to make real-world food featured in video games. Above we have:

  1. Minecraft Cake
  2. Team Fortress 2 - Sandvich Edible Device
  3. The Sims – Key Lime Pie
  4. Skyrim – Black-Briar Mead, Grilled Leeks & Elsweyr Fondue
  5. Grand Theft Auto IV – Cluckin’ Bell Fowl Burger

More can be found at the site here